Libertarians should refuse to participate in Census 2010. The framers of the Constitution should never have given the government power to conduct a census, because this power lends itself to abuse. As Christopher Westley points out, "Our tax dollars are funding a PR campaign to tell us that our privacy must be invaded or else single moms will continue to be denied access to federal day care centers. It doesn’t help matters that the Census bureau recently admitted to lying for 50 years about its central role in the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II...The federal government needs this data for the same purpose that Proctor & Gamble needs market research, the difference being that P&G will use it to try to meet consumer demands through voluntary exchange, whereas the state will use it force involuntary exchange—to identify municipalities that should be placed on the dole, and those that should fund them."[1] There is a long history of censuses being used by governments for nefarious purposes; in 1941, for example, Gustav Richter, an aide to Adolf Eichmann, was sent to Romania to gather information about the Jewish population in a census, with the ultimate goal of plotting a mass deportation to the Belzec concentration camp.[2]

Federal handouts will not help the poorer jurisdictions in America. Such handouts make it possible for those states to delay or avoid the free market reforms that are needed for true prosperity to emerge. Take a stand against the government's social and economic central planning by refusing to cooperate with the Census.


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