Bruce Benson is a prominent anarcho-capitalist scholar and Chair of the Department of Economics at Florida State University. According to Benson, "The anarcho-capitalist position arises because every government activity I have studied (e.g., policing, courts, law, highways, regulation) can be, has been, or is being produced better by the private sector, so I am yet to find a valid justification for the state."

He grew up in Harlem, Montana, entered college at the University of Montana (UM) in 1967, dropped out in December 1968, was drafted and entered the army in February 1969. After basic and advanced infantry training at Fort Lewis, Washington, he was sent to Vietnam where he spent a year in a combat infantry unit. Benson noted, "I disliked discretionary authority before I got to Fort Lewis, but thanks to the United States Army, I quickly learned to really hate it...The company I was in suffered about 40 percent casualties during my 12-month tour, including over 40 killed (others lost limbs, eyes, internal organs, etc. but lived to tell about it) in what I saw as a totally illegitimate war." He returned to UM in January 1971 and graduated in 1973. He was introduced to anarcho-capitalism in the course of his research and study at the economics department at Texas A&M.

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