Template:WP has Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany during the second world war. He was the architect of the Nazi party and his anti-semitic policies culminated in the Holocaust in which 17 million people were killed, 7.3 million of them were Jewish Template:Fact. In popular culture Hitler is often portrayed as humorless, and sometimes as an atheist, darwinist, and a follower of NietzscheTemplate:Fact; none of these things are true. Hitler was elected on a wave of patriotic populism, he was known for using humor in his speeches and appeared to be genuinely concerned for the people of Germany, he even earned the friendship of Henry Ford who kept a picture of him on his desk until just before the outbreak of WWII Template:Fact. Hitler was a deeply religious Roman Catholic, although a deeply heretical oneTemplate:Fact, Hitler even went so far as to make "God is with us" the motto of his army Template:Fact. Creationists often claim that Hitler was a Darwinist Template:Fact but he expresses the notion that the races of man were created by the gods separately Template:Fact; while the Nazi's generally recognized the validity of the evolutionary algorithm they viewed it as somewhat akin to the rules of Mendelian inheritance and actually went so far as to ban "primitive works on natural history such as the works of Darwin" because they saw Darwin's work to be a threat to their world view Template:Fact. Furthermore Hitler couldn't have been driven by the works of Nietzsche because Nietzsche was extremely critical of anti-semitic attitudes, which were counter to his thesis of Human self improvement Template:Fact.